History & Culture

The religious heritage in Alto Tâmega is very coarse and is present in...
We have a territory full of history and traditions to show you
The history of Alto Tâmega will surprise you.

History and Culture

Surrender to the History and Culture of Alto Tâmega

In Alto Tâmega the Sacred and the Profane live hand in hand. Come to know our traditions and lose your love for our territory.


The Religious Heritage in Alto Tâmega is very vast and is present in all the villages and urban centers of the region


“I superstitiously escape from the peace of the plateau in stubble. The sun dies in the confines of the horizons, the plowers doze, tired, on the roadside, herds of cows placidly drag the mare on the way to milking, and my apprehensive silence as that which compliments the companions in a cosmic communion which they can not imagine the depth, nor the sanctity. “Miguel Torga, In Diário XVI


The closer I get to Spain, the more I like Portugal. In these raian lands the motherland sits on her feet. When it’s over, the floor is another.

Miguel Torga, in Diário XV